Monday, May 18, 2015


I have been working with the Southern California Bluebird Club to investigate bird nestboxes at a couple of local parks (mostly bluebirds and the occasional Tree Swallows). We have had a few setbacks-- missing eggs, dead nestlings-- which were probably the work of Gopher Snakes, but overall it's been wonderful seeing the nests, eggs, and juveniles as well as adult bluebirds.

Miscellaneous pictures below the fold:

 Two egg clutches, showing color variation:

Female visiting a nestbox:

A youngster, not quite ready to fledge-- this one had to be gently pushed back into the nest, lest it fall while the box was open. I saw it attempt wing-assisted incline running up the back, too.

A polkadotted fledgeling seen two weeks later-- perhaps the same youngster as above?

More nestlings, apparently sleeping:

Female on her eggs:

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