Monday, August 20, 2012

Golden tortoise beetle

Image from 9wows, via Pharyngula.

Also, according to Wikipedia:
They can change color, looking initially like tiny jewels, or golden ladybugs, but can alter the reflectivity of the cuticle so the outer layers become clear, revealing a ladybug type of red coloring with black spots. This color change is accomplished by microscopic valves controlling the moisture levels under the shell.


  1. What a magnificent creature. The photographs from the linked site are equally impressive. I don't suppose they're dangerous, given the habitat the beetle is occupying in this depiction, but my first thought upon seeing it involved poison.

  2. > microscopic valves

    Reminds me of this BBC story - about a robot that changes colour via ink pumped into it. It's actually a bit lame - the change is not self-motivated - but the concept is nice.