Sunday, June 12, 2011

The unmoving Earth

The Earth has an equatorial bulge because it rotates. If it were to suddenly cease rotating, its surface would be transformed as the oceans migrated to opposite poles:
 ...eventually creating an equatorial megacontinent that would ring the earth and thus separate both polar oceans.
What a strange new world this would be. As the earth would stop rotating (but presumably still circle the sun), one night-and-day cycle would last an entire year. The new continent ringing the globe (2) would include a large part of current Mid-Atlantic, Indian and Mid-Pacific seabeds, perhaps re-emerging legendary continents like Mu, Atlantis and other lands lost beneath the waves...
(2) What would it be called? Pangaea – again? Ringland? Equatoria?

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  1. Very interesting :) ... I like "Equatoria" ... What would happen to our society in a scenario such as this makes my imagination swirl :) ... Glad you liked my blog and that I managed to help someone understand the maths! Please spread it far and wide, it's my goal to reach all the newbies out there (our numbers are growing) and help them feel less intimidated.